Computer Based Desktop Tax Software

TurboTax Desktop Tax Software Programs For The 2017 - 2018 Tax Season

Desktop tax software holds some specific advantages over online tax preparation that can appeal to many tax filers and their needs.

TurboTax Desktop Tax Software allows users to work on their federal and state income tax returns by installing computer based tax software.

They can then run the tax program from their computer desktop without the need of an internet connection to enter data.

These desktop versions can be updated online when needed.

Who Should Choose Desktop Tax Software Versions?

  • Anyone that wishes to prepare their tax returns without the need for an internet connection
  • Anyone that feels their internet connection is not secure enough to enter personal data
  • Anyone that uses their computer to prepare multiple income tax returns for friends and relatives to help them file their federal and state taxes.

Products like TurboTax Desktop Tax Software offer certain advantages over the online versions. One big advantage is that the desktop versions offer a multiple number of e-file opportunities included with your purchase which allows you to prepare and file more tax returns for family or friends.

This advantage allows tax filers to file multiple tax returns for the cost of one software application. If you prepare multiple returns for people who live with you, parents, children, sibling, etc., you can use a single desktop software application to prepare each return. The TurboTax software license allows this while the online versions require you to pay for each additional return separately.

TurboTax Available By Download or Boxed CD

TurboTax desktop versions can be downloaded or installed from a CD onto your computer, provided your computer meets the requirements.

With desktop applications their reusable nature makes splitting the cost with others a much better deal for budget wise tax filers that together will be filing two or more federal tax returns from one purchase.

First glance at the TurboTax desktop tax software versions give the appearance of costing more than online versions, However, you have to keep in mind that you can file multiple returns with the desktop version. Once you add the price and value of multiple e-files, you will find the download and boxed software to be a much better deal.

With TurboTax you get five free federal e-files with the desktop version. With desktop versions your household will benefit from a much greater value when you account for the five free federal e-files desktop software offers for filing more returns. TurboTax desktop versions allow you to prepare multiple federal and state returns with the single software purchase. No doubt this is a great way to save some money by splitting the cost among several tax filers.

Keeping Your TurboTax Tax Data Safe and Secure

The TurboTax Desktop Tax Software Versions keep your tax data more secure due to the fact that it stays locally with you on your computer verses online versions where your data is stored on TurboTax servers. We have all hear many instances of company websites being hacked and customer data being stolen. I sleep better knowing my data is on my computer, not a server somewhere.

By storing your tax returns on your computer TurboTax desktop versions keep all your paperwork accessible to you at all times. This also makes it easy to import your common data from your previous year's tax return saving you time by cutting back on retyping the same information each year.

TurboTax Desktop Tax Software allows you to save your tax data file until you decide to delete it from your hard drive keeping you fully in charge of your tax data storage.



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